1. The RC was established in 1990 in accordance with Article XI of the ISA Statutes.
  2. The objectives of RC 44 are to encourage international research on labour Movements, with a focus on their role both in industrial relations and in the political arena. Its activities include:
    1. organising sessions at each ISA World congress and at regional ISA conferences
    2. organising other international meetings, workshops, colloquia, etc
    3. publishing a regular newsletter
    4. encouraging professional interaction and collaborative research in labour movement studies
    5. any other relevant activities
  3. RC 44 strongly affirms its support for the following core labour standards which it holds to be fundamental human rights:
    1. Freedom of Association
    2. Right to organise and bargain collectively
    3. Prohibition of forced labour
    4. Elimination of exploitative forms of child labour
    5. Non-discrimination in employment or occupation
  4. Membership is open to any person engaged in research into Labour Movements or in Labour movement activities.
  5. Membership fees will be determined by the Business Meeting held at each ISA World Congress.
  6. The policy of the RC, consistent with the Statutes, will be determined by a simple majority of members in good standing at each Business Meeting. It is open to the meeting to submit any question to a postal ballot of members, and this procedure must be followed in the absence of a Quorum of 15 members.
  7. In the period between each World congress, the RC shall be governed by a Board comprising President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor and between 4 and 10 ordinary members. Candidates for office shall be ISA members in good standing. Nominations shall be invited in advance but may, at the discretion of the President, be accepted at the Business Meeting which may also decide to hold a postal ballot of members, and may agree to combine two or more official positions. Officers and Board members shall normally serve for no more than two consecutive 4-year periods.

These Statutes, adopted at the Business meeting held in Bielefeld in 1994, and revised at the Business Meeting held in Montreal in 1998, may be amended by a two-thirds majority at any subsequent Quorate Business Meeting or in a ballot of members (called either by a simple majority or by a decision of the Board).

Unless otherwise agreed by the President, proposed amendments must be received in writing by the Secretary at least two weeks in advance.

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